These are eight first place power lifting trophies Wayne Hanson won over a three year period starting when he was 60 years old. The eighth trophy was the World Championship in Las Vegas when he was 63 years old.


Wayne's background includes: Professional personal trainer for 12 years, a certified performance nutritional specialist, and certified to train older adults.


 “Now 16 years after Wayne won the World Championship in Las Vegas, he's still performing at 400 lbs on a seated bench press, a capacity that is incredible for his age at 79 years old... Or for anyone at any age”

“Here’s another example of raw power. A full stack of iron on the cable machine knocking out 8 reps doing a tri-cep extension.”

  “And here's Wayne having fun doing 8 reps with a

full stack on the seated chest fly machine”

Fantasic Five...

There are 5 main reasons why Wayne can perform at a level even higher

than most people much younger than him.

I took Wayne's advice and added his regimen to my daily routine and what a difference it's made. Brain, Energy, Strength, Libido and Attitude!


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